Porsha Williams Has The Sweetest Conversation With Baby Pilar -- Fans Think They Are Talking About Dennis McKinley In The Video

Porsha Williams Has The Sweetest Conversation With Baby Pilar -- Fans Think They Are Talking About Dennis McKinley In The Video
Credit: Instagram

It has been a few very complicated weeks for Porsha Williams who seems to have officially ended her romance with Dennis McKinley.

Williams and her fiancé of 8 months went their separate ways after reports claimed that he cheated with a well-known actress.

According to E! News , the Real Housewives of Atlanta star and McKinley are co-parenting their baby daughter, Pilar Jhena.

Meanwhile, Williams has decided to focus on her baby girl and has been sharing many adorable pictures of her while on vacation.

The model and reality TV star recently posted a series of sweet videos of where she is having a sweet conversation with baby PJ. Fans love the bonding moment between the mother and daughter.

Many praised the infant for trying to talk while others told Williams to stay strong during this tough time.

One person wrote: "She’s beautiful! Having an entire conversation,😘My one-year-old just watched this and was talking back 😂I feel when a child comes into this world that’s when relationships break apart, I do not understand that before a child they were so happy but now when the kids come couples are miserable in a split. 🤔"

Another supporter claimed: "She saying “keep my parents' name out yall MOUTH!”‼️ Porscha doesn’t care she got her baby😁😁😁Kandi tried to tell her, but the thirst was real, and the Wiener's were Hawt 📢She rushed to have a baby and be married. At least she knows now, so she won't be 37 38 with two divorces. I was rooting for all of you... but everything happens for a reason."

This backer asked the businesswoman: "Why do girls come out looking just like they daddy’s when we do all the work‼️😍Nene is somewhere cackling lol. What’s for us don’t go past us 👌🏾 better things are awaiting her ❤️I’d rather be alone and happy than put on a front for others and be miserable anyday."

This fourth follower shared a prayer with the family: "OMG! She is beautiful, Porsha. Just beautiful! God bless you and Dennis!! she is her daddy's twin, please pull a Kenya and keep these demons out of your personal relationship. You have the cutest family pray for it; god got you covered. So many breakups after a new baby. It’s sad. Praying for strength."

Porsha seems to be moving forward.


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