Porsha Williams Has Something To Say About The Charges She's Facing

Porsha Williams Has Something To Say About The Charges She's Facing
Credit: BET

It's been revealed that Porsha Williams was arrested following a protest for Breonna Taylor .

It also seems that one of the charges was upgraded, and now Porsha  might be facing jail time.

The RHOA star who has activism in her bloodline, together with 86 others are now facing felony charges for demonstrating in order for the police who killed  Breonna Taylor  to be arrested and charged.

After she was released, Porsha also had something to say about the charges:

'Wow @danieljaycameron you really took the time to upgrade 1 out of 3 of our charges to FELONY?? This is disgusting .... meanwhile not one peep about this botched investigation of Breonna Taylors MURDER!!! Plus not one arrest of the cops .... instead you celebrate with your bride and give them Active desk duty to keep these killers protected. You can’t possibly think this is ok!' Porsha began her post.

She continued and said: 'Sure create the possibility for peaceful protesters to get locked up for 1-5 year but absolutely no accountability for your officers?!! 😡🥺 This is sad that this is the world we live in!! It’s simple don’t kill us as we sleep in our homes , don’t kill us for sleeping in our car, don’t kill us from walking to a store and don’t Kill our spirits and further oppress us when we stand up to say you are Wrong!!! #JusticeForall #JusticeforBreonnaTaylor.'

A follower posted this: 'He should be ashamed of himself. His karma is coming #JusticeForBreonnaTaylor #SayHerName #BreonnaTaylor.'

Someone said: 'This is ridiculous but keep fighting y’all! Keep calling, keep emailing, keep peacefully protesting!' and a follower posted this: 'He’s a sellout. Period. Thank you for showing your support.'

Another commenter wrote: 'This is why we must vote. Get him out of office!! He is not for the people. Say her name!! Breonna Taylor !!'

Porsha also made sure to offer her gratitude to her fans and followers who support her.


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