Porsha Williams Has Priceless Reaction When 'RHOA' Fan Told Her This As She Shows Her Baby Bump In Throwback Video

Porsha Williams Has Priceless Reaction When 'RHOA' Fan Told Her This As She Shows Her Baby Bump In Throwback Video
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Porsha Williams is enjoying her life as a new mother, but she is also quite fond of her past, from what fans have seen.

The reality TV star has recently shared some throwback footage from her pregnancy period, showing her with a huge belly and yet still looking stunning and amazing.

The video shows her in detail and goes over every aspect of her body surrounded with flowing fabric that drapes in all directions around her.

Many have commented on her looks in the footage, and some of her fans have expressed outright jealousy at the TV personality's ability to maintain her figure in such a seemingly effortless way even during one of the most challenging periods in any woman's life.

Meanwhile, things on the set of Real Housewives of Atlanta have been getting tense, and it looks like Porsha is actually in the center of the new developments.

There will be some upcoming issues between her and her fiancé, Dennis McKinley, and the two might have a pretty big argument about where they want to live and how they want to continue their lives in the future.

The episode's summary implies that the couple will be going through a very turbulent time in it, although hopefully, they will be able to pull through, together with the help of their therapist Dr. Sherry Blake, who has been reported to have a major role in the upcoming installment of Porsha's Having A Baby .

Fans have been speculating about other possible developments in the upcoming installment of the show, but most of it is being kept under wraps so far.

While appearing on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live! , she got herself a viral moment that is perfect to promote the next episode of her spinoff.

A caller said she did not really like her before this season and Porsha's reaction was priceless.

One commenter stated: "She sounds Jamaican 🤣 they keep it as real as possible don’t be mad at the fact she kept it real."

Another follower added: "My point exactly clearly Porsha was unbothered and not expecting the backhanded compliment or lack thereof."

A third person added: "If Porsha didn’t have her fairytale ending would y’all still “loveee her.” Y’all are fickle; you can’t decide you love someone because their circumstances have changed. Give her the side eye Porsha that callers a mess."

Porsha is the face of the series now.

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