Porsha Williams Has Her First Fight With Dennis McKinley On RHOA

Porsha Williams Has Her First Fight With Dennis McKinley On RHOA
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The latest report announces that Porsha Williams had her very first argument with her fiance Dennis McKinley. Here's what went wrong as presented in last Sunday's RHOA episode.

The Daily Mail reports that in the most recent episode of RHOA, Porsha was celebrating her 37th birthday with Dennis McKinley and this began with lots of romance and lavish presents.

He gave her a Rolex, flowers and also a dinner cooked by a top chef.

Her next gift was a diamond crucifix necklace, but a little argument followed. It began when he refused to let her borrow his toothbrush and the fight quickly escalated.

'You were drunk last night,' she yelled before she decided to calm down because 'ignorance is bliss.'

'I'm supposed to be hiding the crazy,' she said.

NeNe Leakes had her first show since finding out her hubby Gregg Leakes is sick, and in the same episode, Porsha prayed with them.

In real-time, Porsha is pregnant and doing great after a short hospitalization following some pregnancy complications.

A friend of hers told PEOPLE: ‘She is suffering from some pregnancy complications due to large fibroids. She was admitted to the hospital and will be staying a little longer than expected. Heartbeat and baby are strong. She has to get to full term, so prayers are being asked for.’

But both she and her baby girl are doing fine, and she seems happier than ever these days .


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