Porsha Williams Has Baby Fever! Does This Means She's Pregnant With Her New Boo?

Porsha Williams Has Baby Fever! Does This Means She's Pregnant With Her New Boo?
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Porsha Williams just made a confession on her social media account that drove all of her fans crazy. She wrote that she has baby fever and now, all of her fans and Instagram followers are wondering whether we should expect an announcement coming from the diva.

Porsha posted a photo of the most gorgeous baby ever, and she captioned it with 'Oh ma Gahh @iamdimepiece your lil' angel gave me instant baby fever! Congratulations ❤'

Of course, her fans believed that the baby is beyond gorgeous, but some followers began asking her whether she's pregnant already or she plans to have a baby soon with her new boyfriend.

We already reported that Porsha managed to find herself a new beau and this eventually happened only after she gave up all hope that there is something for her in this world as well.

'@iamdimepiece she is so precious enjoy every moment because they grow fast before u know it she will be walking and talking girl,' one of Porsha's fans posted.

'@iamdimepiece she’s beautiful. As my grandma would say, “you made a pretty pie,”' someone else agreed and gushed over this lovely baby.

'I'm speechless. I already knew @iamdimepiece was going to have a gorgeous little baby. I have been a fan forever. I know you're going to be an amazing mom. Congratulations to @iamdimepiece and @shawne_williams1,' another commenter posted in the comments section, congratulating the baby's parents.

Porsha would definitely make a great mom, that's for sure!

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