Porsha Williams Has An Important Message For Her Fans - It's About The Killing Of A Little Girl

Porsha Williams Has An Important Message For Her Fans - It's About The Killing Of A Little Girl
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Porsha Williams shared an important message for her followers on IG and fans. See the photo that she shared on IG and what she had to tell people.

'I was scrolling and I literally thought this was my niece. Then I stopped to read what happened, and I am so upset that this family is going through this. My sister wrote this message and I 💯 agree. Sending my deepest condolences to her family🙏🏾 #SecoreiaTurner,' Porsha captioned her post.

Someone said: 'She looks like an older version of PJ, which means she looks like you. She’s beautiful prayers to her family.'

A commenter said: 'At first, I thought it was a picture of Porsha when she was younger. This is just terrible.'

When someone asked what happened another follower said: ' she was killed in a shooting while driving through Edgewood in Atlanta.. she was in the car with her mom I think they were passing through.'

Someone else said: 'Saw her mother on the news being comforted. She kept crying saying they didn't do anything, seemed like she was in shock. They were just trying to make a U-turn in the same Wendy's parking lot where Rashard Brooks was killed when the car was shot up.'

A commenter said: 'it’s crazy because it wasn’t like this just last week. I was out there and was able to view the memorial and take in the moment. And I don’t think she’s fully processed it yet, I can’t imagine I have a daughter that age so my 💔 for her.'

One commenter posted this message: 'When someone said that this was a BLM bullet, another person posted: ' what is a BLM bullet? Obviously black lives don’t matter to the persons who shot her. Why would you spread hate for a group that’s done nothing but good things for and with us???'

Other than this, Porsha shared a video on her social media account, showing fans some extremely interesting facts.

‘Systemic Racism/ Segregation … What bootstraps? When we succeeded, it’s against all odds,’  Porsha  captioned her post.

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