Porsha Williams Hangs Out With Her Fiance And Tamar Braxton Is Here For It

Porsha Williams Hangs Out With Her Fiance And Tamar Braxton Is Here For It
Credit: Source: bet.com

Porsha Williams just shared a cute photo while hanging out with her fiance Dennis McKinley and fans love her look. Even Tamar Braxton likes the pic in which Porsha is proudly flaunting her pregnancy in an all-black outfit.

'Just bumping around NY with my boo thang✨ #I ❤️NY' Porsha captioned her photo.

Someone quickly criticized the fact that Dennis stays on Porsha's wrong side: 'Yeah but your boo thang is on the wrong side of you.' Another follower agreed and said 'Dear fellas, never let your woman walk on the outside.'

Someone else gushed over Porsha's hair and said 'Your hair is always on point. Show me the way! 😩'

Another follower praised Porsha's looks and posted this: 'You look great! U r caring her well. Congrats again 🎉'

One of her fans says that they cannot wait for the wedding, and frankly neither can we. We bet it will be s blast, just like anything else that Porsha does: 'I can't wait for the wedding 👰🤵I know it will be everythang honey👌@porsha4real I hope we get to see it. 😍'

Someone gushed over the couple and said 'You two are so loved by us here in upstate ew York anyways may God bless you and keep the three of you forever blessed love you Porsha to pieces to one Black Queen from the next.'

One of her followers spoke about the fact that Porsha is still traveling by plans even though she is pregnant in the third trimester: 'You're still flying, some people are so uptight about that, good for you..... have all the fun you can b4 PJ gets here😀.'

Here's one of Porsha's recent resolutions she has for 2019.

‘I think we all feel like this at the beginning of the year and by the end we let them creep back in! But this year let’s really continue to protect our energy so we can fully walk in our purpose!’


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