Porsha Williams Had The Perfect Sunday With Baby PJ

Porsha Williams Had The Perfect Sunday With Baby PJ
Credit: BET

Porsha Williams shared her perfect Sunday with her fans and followers. She obviously spent it with her baby girl, Pilar Jhena. Check out her recent photo below.

'The perfect Sunday😩❤️ @pilarjhena,' Porsha captioned her post.

Someone commented: 'She always looks so peaceful and unbothered 💕' and a follower said: 'She has that “ma can we go outside to the playground look!”

One fan posted: 'I swear, you have the best lace fronts...like always the best hair💕' an d someone else also gushed over PJ: 'She’s beautiful and she looks like she’s a chill babygirl ❤️'

One person said: 'You’re lucky to have a beautiful baby girl. She’s adorable. Enjoy every moment. She’ll grow fast.'

Another follower praised the baby girl: 'Roses are red ❤️violets are blue. Your Beautiful baby girl got eyes like you 🌞. Happy Sunday 🌞'

A fan wrote: 'Such precious moments. Enjoy all the moments with your beautiful baby😍'

One commenter said: 'I can tell she loves to cuddle with her Mommy these are the most precious moments!!! 🤗 I miss that about my babies NOW THEY'RE ALL GROWN UP 😭'

Porsha has recently made fans excited after telling fans that she has a personal cook who makes sure that she eats as healthy as possible while staying as shape as well.

She shared a clip on her social media account, showing off some of the meals.

The coolest thing is that Snoop Dogg agrees that Porsha’s meals are something else.

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