Porsha Williams Gushes Over Kenya Moore, Calling Her A Great Mom

Porsha Williams Gushes Over Kenya Moore, Calling Her A Great Mom
Credit: BET

Porsha Williams shared a photo featuring Kenya Moore on her daughter Pilar Jhena's Instagram page. Both ladies are featured together with their gorgeous daughters, and fans cannot get enough of them.

Somoene posted: 'These two babies give me life. I always check their pages when I want to smile.'

Another follower said: 'Beautiful Black Queens with Beautiful Black Princesses!!! Yassss!!! #BlackGirlsRock😍😍'

Somoene else posted: 'Pilar is so cute I want that little sweetie. I miss having a little one around but I am happy to have someone I can say let’s go and not have to worry about the diaper bag😁'

A fan commented next to the photos in which Porsha is holding PJ: '😂 but i love the pic! I remember those days! Be smelling like milk for hours hahaha.'

Someone else said: 'LoL I have caught my little on "projectile vomiting" on one of his 5-month-old pictures! The shake-up is real! LoL 💕💕'

One commenter wrote: 'Awe Insta-aunties juicy baby PJ. Pilar say...momma now you know I’m full lady...that said here you go 🤢🤮 I Love 💕 you too 🥰😅😂'

Recently, Porsha shared a few new pics with her and DennisMcKinley’s daughter, Pilar Jhena.

Fans are gushing over the baby girl, and they’re admiring how fast she is growing up.

Some people criticized Porsha’s shoes and they told her that she should not have worn heels.


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