Porsha Williams Gushes Over Her Pal, Mary Who Is 'Fab at 40' - Check Out The Photo

Porsha Williams Gushes Over Her Pal, Mary Who Is 'Fab at 40' - Check Out The Photo
Credit: Source: bet.com

Porsha Williams has some stunning friends, just like herself. She just showed off one of them, Mary, gushing over how this gorgeous woman looks. See the picture to make an idea of what we're talking about.

'My friend so dayum bad ❤? Fab at 40 @maryamaytac1,' Porsha captioned the photo in which we have to admit that Mary looks amazing and you can definitely be fooled by her gorgeous face and belies that she's in her twenties.


'OMG @maryamaytac1 you are so gorgeous and flawless, you make 40 the new 25.????????❤?' one of Porsha's followers wrote.

'Was she supposed to be on RHOA at one point?' another curious commenter inquired.

Speaking of RHOA one fan told Porsha that 'Im late but I had to let u know that you looked absolutely beautiful at the reunion and I lived for all your shade, side comments and remarks ????'

'I love how you handled yourself on the reunion I was like yes !!! All that apologizing for the birds' another one wrote.


I love that your God-fearing and forever hopeful despite the bs you go thru. But don't be naive, some ppl will never change no matter how sincere you may be. And that's ok. Accept it with grace cuz you've corrected your error. Keep pushing Princess!' another one of Porsha's fans praised her and her behavior.

'Thank you for always encouraging me and being my rock. I love you?. And yes, His timing is always perfect,' someone else told Porsha, implying that she is a true inspiration.


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