Porsha Williams Gushes Over Her Baby PJ's Pigtails With New Video

Porsha Williams Gushes Over Her Baby PJ's Pigtails With New Video
Credit: BET

Porsha Williams' daughter is getting sweeter with each passing day. Porsha seems to be doing great these days, and she seems happy despite the breakup rumors that have been surrounding her and Dennis McKinley.

Porsha shared another video featuring baby PJ on the baby's social media account. The beautiful mom is gushing over baby PJ's pigtails.

'3 pigtails can’t tell me nothing 😂❤️😩 #3Months,' Porsha captioned the video.

A fan said: 'She always looks like you’re getting on her nerves. I’m sure you’re in her face all day 😭😭🥰🥰'

Shamea Morton said: '😂 Omg, she’s such a doll! I love the ponytails😍'

Somoene told Porsha: 'Don't pull her hair like that she adorable with or without pigtails'

A fan wrote: '3 pigtails??...no Why is she sitting up @3months tho? 😲 Now that's #DOPE💯😊' and somoene else posted: 'Tell her I wanna see a smile she always looking mad with her pretty self.'

Just recently, Porsha shared a couple of selfies from her car, and fans are genuinely impressed by her look and makeup.

More than that, they say that she’s definitely up to something because her eyes are smiling again .

Not too long ago, Porsha posted a cryptic message that had fans guessing.

Her recent post that she shared on her social media account  has fans confused . They don’t know what to make of it.

It's not clear yer whether Porsha is back with Dennis or not.


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