Porsha Williams Goes 'Baby Shopping' And Slays In A Black Skin-Tight Outfit - She Might Have Revealed Her Baby Girl's Name

Porsha Williams Goes 'Baby Shopping' And Slays In A Black Skin-Tight Outfit - She Might Have Revealed Her Baby Girl's Name
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Porsha Williams is waiting to bring her baby girl into the world. She and Dennis McKinley don't have too much to wait until she gives birth.

Porsha  delivered great news to her fans  and told them that she is on maternity leave.

She recently told her co-hosts that she will miss them as they happily present her with a gift for the baby girl that should be on her way any day now.

Now, Porsha posted a photo with Gary while out shopping.

'🛍Baby shopping, Laughs, and lunch with my boo @garywdtea #BabyBella' she captioned her photo.

Someone told her '@Porsha you look absolutely amazing....I’m so happy for you !'

An excited fan gushed over Porsha and said 'Porsha pregnancy is everything, Out of all the pregnant celebrities that I've seen and know, Porsha so far has stolen the spotlight. She is really wearing her pregnancy very well. She is the most fashionable one yet. I guess what makes everything so beautiful for her is, the way she is sharing her journey that includes, all of her bare belly photos and videos, she really has built a lot of memories for Princess PJ when she gets old enough to understand. Team Porsha&PJ🙏🙏🙏'

Another supporter does not quite like what Porsha is wearing in the pic, and they said 'Porsha l love you to death💕, but please not that 👗 while you are pregnant. My opinion only...NO shade intended.'

Someone else praised her look and said 'Porsha you look Beautiful!! Two of my favorite people!! Love you and Gary, and Gary looks really good also!! 💕❤️🔥'

Another follower believes that Porsha should get more rest these days ahead of giving birth: '@porsha4real you need lots of rest this last week, or so... may not feel tired but make your body relax. It makes the labor much easier ❤️blessings and favors to you and your family. Congratulations.'

A fan does not like the name 'Bella': '@porsha4real plz not Bella!! That’s too plain. I know that your niece name starts with a B, but there are much cuter easier names out there! Dennis + Diamond 💎 or Porsha + Paris anything but Bella.'

Do you like 'Bella' as a name for Porsha and Dennis's daughter?

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  • Adarice Hooker
    Adarice Hooker Feb 25, 2019 1:37 AM PST

    Porsha I am really excited for you and Dennis I just hope that you learn to stop arguing with the nosey ass haters on the show with you. Girl show your grandness by swiping them to the left They're secretly jealous of you not all but most .Stay sweet happy and enjoy your man and new arriving daughter. Dennis stay your ass away from the rift raft the shade and set ups are real you have a profitable business so don't mess up what you have with diggers and haters. You know that saying if you don't put yourself in a position where people can talk then you're good. REMEMBER 6 months of minding your own business and 6 months of leaving everyone else's alone will give you 12 months ( 1yr.) of drama free bullshit. Love you guys

  • Mattie walker
    Mattie walker Feb 24, 2019 10:07 PM PST

    I'm so happy for you porsha you deserve everything you get your going to be a good mother , that's going to be a blessed baby to have a mom like you , so congratulations an God bless you an your family

  • Patricia
    Patricia Feb 24, 2019 7:35 PM PST

    I soo love you Porcha,I'm so happy for you,you have been my favorite housewife you and NeNe,I don't care what no one says about you on the show or anywhere else,I love me some you,I'm so happy and overwhelmed with joy for you and your life,you deserve it all,AND I MEAN IT ALL

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