Porsha Williams Gives A Glimpse Of Baby Pilar's Face In New Picture As She Turns One Month Old

Porsha Williams Gives A Glimpse Of Baby Pilar's Face In New Picture As She Turns One Month Old
Credit: Instagram

Porsha Williams is as happy as she can be, her baby, Pilar Jhena’ Mckinley just turned four weeks old.

The TV personality shared some new photos with the following caption: "🎉Y’all my baby is ONE MONTH OLD today!! @pilarjhena you are my world and caring for you these past 4 weeks have been the joy of my life! All of the learning moments and growing have made me that much greater a mom. I pray I continue to be the best me I can be for you my princess💋 #Happy4Weeks 🌈 #RainbowBaby."

Williams is still going strong on social media, sharing various images of her young baby Pilar and introducing her to more of her followers.

The baby is exactly one month old at this point, and her mother has been hard at work promoting her on Instagram and other social networks, sharing every moment of her life for all her fans to see.

Also, while some have been a bit critical of the massive exposure the baby has seen, others have expressed their endearment at the situation, admiring the reality TV star determined attitude as a mother.

It is clear that she is not alone though, as her fiancé, Dennis McKinley, has been by her side all the time, providing his strong support and doing his best to help raise the young girl.

McKinley has been a bit less prominent in the social media lives of Williams and Pilar, but that is not rare in relationships like these.

What is essential is that the three have always looked incredibly happy in photos showing them together, and Williams has so far expressed great sentiments towards McKinley for his support.

It looks like the couple’s Easter celebrations have been amazing, judging by recent posts made by Williams.

They all wore matching outfits, and the comments under the post celebrated the arrival of Easter.

Hopefully, we get to see many more similar moments featuring the couple, as it is clear that they have been enjoying their lives together to a great extent -- and young Pilar does not seem to mind it at all either, from what observers have seen so far.

The Porsha's Having A Baby special is airing April 28th on Bravo. The whole world will be seeing a lot more of the family.


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