Porsha Williams Gets Ranked No.2 By TV Guide In Their '46 Housewives of 2018' List

Porsha Williams Gets Ranked No.2 By TV Guide In Their '46 Housewives of 2018' List
Credit: Source: bet.com

Porsha Williams proudly announces her fans this good news. Here's her message about the latest important achievement.

'??Thank you @TVGuide for ranking me #2 in your “46 Housewives of 2018 list!” Seven shows in the Franchise & 46 housewives and you shine a light on little ole me ?❤️ Thank you for joining me on my journey in this thing called life... peace love and blessings. Love you Team Porsha ?? HAIR?: @GoNakedHair,' Porsha captioned her post.

Fans and followers flooded her comments section with lots of praises and congratulations, and some fans even thought that she should have been ranked as number 1.

'You defiantly should have been number one though ??‍♀️' someone wrote, while another follower said 'So happy for u God is Good u deserve to shine God bless u and your growing family.'

One person told her that 'You been holding your stomach like that since you found out you were two days pregnant! Just let the baby grow damn.'

Another person wrote 'I like you Porsha, but I don’t think TV Guide watches the Housewives!!! I’ve watched every one since the beginning.'

One supporter told her 'YOU GO PORSHA!! Congratulations !!? keep being you, and don't let a damn thang change you. I LOVE YOU GIRL, just the way you are... " YOU ARE AWESOME"!! So many ppl tried to take u down. Only to watch you BUILD. Can't wait for your bundle of joy be born... CONGRATS ON JOURNEY CALLED LIFE!!'

Porsha has been living her best life these days since she got pregnant and engaged. She managed to distance herself from all kinds of RHOA-related dramas and she's just waiting to meet her baby.

She recently shared a pic of her cute niece Baleigh , her sister's daughter and fans told her that in a short while she'll be enjoying her very own baby girl.


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  • Melvina Wheeler
    Melvina Wheeler Dec 23, 2018 2:01 PM PST

    Take all those women off atlanta housewives, with exception of Porsha Wms., and bring back Phaedra Parks, at least with Phaedra there was class, luxury, and intelligence. Where is bravo picking up the women on that show. People want to be able to look up the cast, but there is no one with a reputation worth looking at, besides Porsha. Please redefine cast, promise ratings will increase. You have to get rid of what is not working, and it should not be hard to do.

  • Kay Star
    Kay Star Dec 23, 2018 8:54 AM PST

    Who was #1?

    • Ron Collins
      Ron Collins Dec 24, 2018 4:24 AM PST

      Hello! Luann de Lesseps, Real Housewives of New York City was ranked #1. You can check out 'All 46 Real Housewives of 2018 Ranked' on TV Guide's official website. Merry Christmas!

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