Porsha Williams Gets An Unpleasant Surprise During Photo Shoot With Baby Pilar Jhena McKinley -- 'RHOA' Fans Still Think It Is Cute

Porsha Williams Gets An Unpleasant Surprise During Photo Shoot With Baby Pilar Jhena McKinley -- 'RHOA' Fans Still Think It Is Cute
Credit: Instagram

Baby Pilar Jhena McKinley was not interested in a photoshoot with mama Porsha Williams, and she made it known.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star shared via social media a series of photos where she is outside and playing around with her daughter.

Dennis McKinley's daughter had other plans; she vomited on her mom, who said she was able to get the money shot.

One fan had this reaction: "She is so cute I want that little sweetie. I miss having a little one around, but I am happy to have someone I can say let’s go and not have to worry about the diaper bag.😁"

Another commenter said:  "But I love the pic! I remember those days! Be smelling like milk for hours hahaha."

This backer shared: "LoL, I have caught my little on "projectile vomiting" on one of his five-month-old pictures! The shake-up is real! LoL.💕💕"

Even though the two only split up a month ago, it looks like the feelings between Porsha and Dennis are stronger than they are letting on.

Recent reports indicate that the two have decided to get back together, and things between them are going well at this point.

Many of their fans suspected that this would happen sooner or later, but the speed at which they decided to reignite their relationship still seems to have taken some by surprise.

The new mom explained that the two are now trying to take things slowly to ensure that nobody ends up hurt again, but have been doing quite well since deciding to get back together.

She also added that she was not the one to call for her baby daddy to come back in any way, and it was rather a decision he made for himself.

The announcement that the two were splitting up was hardly a surprise to anyone, as there were various rumors on the horizon indicating that this might happen soon.

There were also some red flags being waved around by her friends and family members, and many fans of the couple suspected that they would get the disappointing announcement at some point.

However, after that happened, many were hopeful that the two would still decide to get back together, which they are happy to do.

Hopefully, their relationship continues in the right direction, because it would be disappointing for many of their followers to hear yet another announcement of a break-up, especially after what they have gone through recently.


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