Porsha Williams' Friends Reportedly Advise Her To End Her Feud With NeNe Leakes

Porsha Williams' Friends Reportedly Advise Her To End Her Feud With NeNe Leakes
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It looks like Porsha Williams' friends or, at least, some of them, really want the RHOA star to end her ongoing feud with NeNe Leakes and let bygones be bygones. As you may recall, these two stopped getting along back in March when NeNe did not show up at Porsha's baby shower.

Things escalated soon and hard, but you already know that dark story.

These days, it may seem that there's no chance that the two ladies will ever be friends again and some fans and Porsha's friends don't really like this.

Porsha's pals believe that she should be more understanding with NeNe and consider more what she's been going through with Gregg Leakes' cancer and taking care of him .

Hollywood Life seems to know more about the subject as a source spilled the tea for this online magazine.

'Friends are trying hard to convince Porsha that NeNe was simply going through a really tough time because of Gregg and she should think about that and go a little easy on her given her situation,' the insider said.

'Even though Porsha has said that the door is totally closed on a friendship with NeNe, friends are saying that is not totally the case. However, there’s a condition, and that’s a proper apology from NeNe,' the same source explained.

The insider continued and said that 'Porsha seems open to seeing this as filming gets closer and closer to beginning, however, she really feels in her heart that NeNe owes her an apology and with one, she would be open to, at the very least, a conversation with NeNe.'

Other than this, both women are doing great these days. Porsha can finally share baby PJ all over social media, and NeNe could not be happier after finding out that her hubby is now cancer-free.

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