Porsha Williams Forgets All About Feuds And Gives A Shoutout To All Her 'Fellow Black Movers And Shakers Of 2018'

Porsha Williams Forgets All About Feuds And Gives A Shoutout To All Her 'Fellow Black Movers And Shakers Of 2018'
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Everyone knows that the friendship between RHOA's NeNe Leakes and Porsha Williams has seemed to be shattering.

NeNe Leakes has been posting all kinds of shady messages hinting at Porsha and fans don't know what to believe anymore.

Anyway, Porsha seems to have distanced herself from all the drama , and she wants to finish this year focusing on something else.

She wants to end 2018 praising all the black personalities who have marked the entertainment industry and more.

She has a message on Instagram to address the subject. Here it is:

'Shoutout to all my fellow black movers and shakers of 2018 who have been crowned some of the top social media TV Stars by Nielsen’s recent data!! Shoutout to ya'll for killing 2018
Many blessings. Love Team Porsha thank you thank you thank you ?? #NielsenData Nielsen's ranking of top primetime TV talent, at least as measured by social-media activity surrounding them,' Porsha began the caption of her post.

She continued and wrote: 'The list, appearing first on USA TODAY, tracked TV stars based on engagement (comments, shares, likes, and retweets) on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, within three hours of their shows, from Sept. 1 to Nov. 30. Mixed in with the TV personalities, were celebrities such as Cardi B and Will Smith, who made the list thanks to appearances on awards shows.'

Porsha concluded by explaining that 'Separate rankings for genres of programming across the day reveal that, among comedy, drama, reality and news programming, CNN's Jake Tapper (1.53 million) was the top non-primetime personality, nestled between primetime news stars Hayes and Fox News' Sean Hannity. (Nielsen did not measure late-night or other talk-show hosts.)'

Someone told the RHOA star: 'Yasssss Porsha!!!! Oh, they are really mad now. ????? Keep shining, TMHG is on your side, if God is for you, who can be against you. Congrats!!!'

Another follower said that Porsha is 'Always beautiful and on point, love and wishing you safe delivery of your baby dear.'

Porsha still has to wait a bit more before she gives birth to her very first child that she has with her fiance, Dennis McKinley.

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