Porsha Williams Flaunts A New Look With Blonde Locks And Less Makeup - Fans Are In Love With It

Porsha Williams Flaunts A New Look With Blonde Locks And Less Makeup - Fans Are In Love With It
Credit: BET

Amidst the drama rumors that have been surrounding Porsha Williams for quite a while, she still hasn't said a word on what's been going on. Fans don't exactly know whether Dennis McKinley did cheat on her or whether she broke off the engagement.

But she has not been seen wearing her engagement ring anymore, although fans believe that they've spotted new rings on her finger.

Now, she shared a new look - she's wearing a blonde wig, and less makeup than usual and fans are simply in love with this new look of hers.

'#SelfCare #SelfLove 🎯 *No I didn’t brush my wig, go brush ya teeth lol,' Porsha captioned her post on social media.

Somoene gushed over her and said, 'You’re so pretty w no makeup. Look better than you do with a full face. #gorgeous.'

One other commenter posted, 'Wait, why I scrolled past this real fast like “that girl looks like porsha a little” 😂😂😂😂😂 You need your own show I would love to continue to see you and your little family grow.'

A follower wrote, 'No pictures of you and Dennis, I said you were going to be a baby mamma, be careful what you pray for.'

Someone said, 'I like the blonde. But you slay the black. Love your wigs. So happy for you with the new baby and fiancé.' The person probably doesn't know that there's trouble in Paradise at the moment.

More fans believe that Lauren and Porsha are twinning with this look and someone said: 'You and your sister definitely favor here. Especially with this color. Both beautiful.'

Recently, Porsha shared more pics of Pilar on IG and fans gushed over the baby girl, but they couldn’t help but notice that Porsha is sporting a new ring on her finger.

Some people said that this was definitely not her engagement ring from Dennis and others said that that was not Porsha's hand which was holding Pilar.


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