Porsha Williams Flaunts A New Hairdo - Fans Are Here For Her Short Hair

Porsha Williams Flaunts A New Hairdo - Fans Are Here For Her Short Hair
Credit: BET

Porsha Williams shared a photo on her social media account in which she's flaunting shorter hair. A lot of people praise this new look and the neon pink sports bra that she's wearing.

'Yooooo this season is sooo active...omg I’m tired 😂😩 can we have some cocktails or something whew Chile! #SistasOnTheMove #SundayFunDay #MommaTired #SweatScnenes 💦' Porsha captioned her post.

Someone said: 'I’ll have drinks with you Queen tequila and lemon drop shots on deck ❤️'

A lot of people praised her hair but fans also noted that she has been losing a lot of weight as well.

'You are losing the pounds...really fast...face shows,' someone commented.

Someone said: 'Your bangs are on point girl!!! Lovin them!!!❤️❤️' and another follower posted: 'You’re rockin’ the short hair and bangs!! Love it!!! ❤️'

One follower said: '@porsha4real your bad, your gorgeous, your successful and THEY BIG MAD 😂😂😂 YOUR ON 🔥🔥🔥🔥 AND I LOVE THE LOOK👌👌 KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!'

Not all of Porsha's followers like her with bangs. Someone said: 'Girl please let this ridiculous wig go! It ain't it!!!!😩😩😩'

Other than flaunting her new hairdo and slimmer figure, Porsha has been also gushing over her and Dennis McKinely's daughter .

The RHOA star’s followers could not be happier to see updates about baby PJ.

Also, Porsha has recently shared a photo featuring herself and Marlo Hampton.

Fans were worried that NeNe Leakes might be upset that Marlo spends time with Porsha these days, but this does not seem to be the case.


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