Porsha Williams Fires Back At Rude Fat-Shamers After Posting Bathing Suit Pic

Porsha Williams Fires Back At Rude Fat-Shamers After Posting Bathing Suit Pic
Credit: Source: pagesix.com

Porsha Williams is very confident which is why she did not hesitate to post a bathing suit picture just months after giving birth to her daughter. That being said, people still fat-shamed her!

Regardless, it did not take the Real Housewives of Atlanta star very much to clap back!

As fans know, Porsha Williams became a mom four months ago and she looks stunning in spite of it!

The celeb felt like showing off her post-pregnancy body but instead of only praises, she got some negative comments as well, haters suggesting that she’s gained a lot of weight.

The pic she shared on her platform shows Porsha in a black two piece, posing with her four month old baby girl, Pilar Jhena in her arms.

The two were getting ready to hit the pool and enjoy the summer but unfortunately, haters had to try and ruin the new mom’s good mood!

People not only fat-shamed her, telling Porsha that she needs to ‘diet and exercise,’ but also mom-shamed her by saying that since she’s a mother now, she needs to ‘cover [her] body.’

Similarly, another users told her to ‘Put some clothes on.’

‘You need to cover up P until you lose the baby fat,’ a really rude person wrote, setting Porsha off.

The star reposted the said comment on her platform earlier today and responded to it, saying: ‘This is part of the problem. I should cover up at 4 months postpartum at pool with my baby? Shame of what…shoot I had a whole baby and love every roll of love, mark of bravery and miracle stripe on my body. Moms, love the new you don’t let anyone shame you into being insecure about your mommy temple that created a little miracle. You’re awesome just the way you are.’


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