Porsha Williams Finally Reveals Her Baby Girl's Face On Mother's Day!

Porsha Williams Finally Reveals Her Baby Girl's Face On Mother's Day!
Credit: Source: bravotv.com

Mother’s Day was a very special day, not only for new mom Porsha Williams but also for her followers who had been anxiously waiting to see her baby’s face! The RHOA star thought it was the perfect day to properly introduce her infant daughter to the world!

Little PJ is so beautiful and adorable! As you may know, Porsha had been sharing a lot of pics featuring the baby on social media but was always careful not to include her face in the shots.

But today, May 12, since the third and last episode of her spin-off, Porsha’s Having A Baby aired, everyone was able to finally see what Pilar looks like as Porsha gave birth.

It makes sense that she’d been avoiding sharing the photos showing off her cute face since Porsha wanted this last episode that aired on Mother’s Day to be the big debut of her daughter.

She actually mentioned that she would as well so people were expecting it but that did not make it any less exciting.

Prior to the episode airing, she chatted with HollywoodLife, telling the news outlet that ‘We wanted to surprise everyone and let everyone enjoy the whole experience, so we are going to show her on the last episode. You will see her as soon as she comes out and then you will also see me bring her home..’

Sure enough, the viewers were able to see baby PJ’s face right after she came into the word!

And since it’s actually been two months since Pilar was born, Porsha also admitted before that it was really hard not to show her off to the world!

‘When I saw PJ I was like, ‘Oh my god it’s a real-life angel,’ and of course I wanted to share that with the world. It’s been so hard. Every cute picture, every smile, every grin, every frowny face — I want to post it! It’s been super hard not to post her.’


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