Porsha Williams' Fiancé, Dennis McKinley, Shows His Sense Of Humor With Sweet Gift From Maury Povich

Porsha Williams' Fiancé, Dennis McKinley, Shows His Sense Of Humor With Sweet Gift From Maury Povich
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Maury Povich has reached out to Porsha Williams' fiancé, Dennis McKinley, to jokingly say that "you are the father."

As The Real Housewives of Atlanta star counts down the days to the arrival of her bundle of joy, the host of the talk show, Maury , sent out a sweet gift accompanied by a kind message that read:

Fans love how funny and creative Maury is and appreciate the fact that Dennis has a great sense of humor.

One person reacted to the picture by saying: "Lmao, Maury is my dad. This is how you age when you’re not racist. pregnancy agrees with you look beautiful. Just remember to be a great mother and that forgiveness of others is for you not they keep your peace of mind."

Another supporter claimed: "Maury and Morgan Freeman are Vampires!!! I love you so much I’m a little disappointed that Phaedra could not share this moment with you to this day I really hope that his one friend that you can work on getting back you guys had great chemistry, and she’s a great role model and an asset to your brand."

This third message read: "I love Maury man, is it safe to say he's also invited to the cookout this summer. Pls, let us meet her don't hide the baby from us were waiting too.❤️"

Porsha recently had a baby shower for PJ, and she told her fans this about the event: "During my pregnancy, I've been so overwhelmed with the power of community. I’m craving conversation with other mamas and mamas-to-be more than ever. I’ve used @peanut to connect with a whole squad of mamas. @peanut is an app that introduces you to other women in your neighborhood based on things you have in common— interests, mutual friends, how far along you are in your pregnancy, or even the age/gender of your children. You can meet, chat and ask questions to a community of women who just get it and have all the answers!!! You can meet so many amazing women on the app, so I encourage all my mamas and mamas-to-be to check it out. Let's dish on all things motherhood!"

Porsha seems ready for this new journey.

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