Porsha Williams Exposes Nasty Texts From Nene Leakes: "You Lying A** Big Fat Hungry B****"

Porsha Williams Exposes Nasty Texts From Nene Leakes: "You Lying A** Big Fat Hungry B****"
Credit: Source: Bravo

The feud between Nene Leakes And Porsha Williams has reached a new high. The two are now exposing private text messages on Instagram!

As you probably already know, Nene took to Instagram Live to reveal that her 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' co-star insinuated that she put her hands on her during the infamous closet incident. She went on to say that Porsha added a voiceover for Bravo producers to add in during editing.

Porsha hit back by calling her a 'bald edges lie' to which Nene didn't take kindly.

In response to Williams' insult, she brought up every physical altercation the new mom has had on 'RHOA' and mentioned that she was the only one who had her back.

The fiancee of Dennis McKinley screenshotted seven slides of text messages she received from Leaked alongside a caption that read: "This is what my so called “Big sis” sent me lastnight 6 days after giving birth. @neneleakesis so miserable and ain’t happy for nobody. It’s not a contest I’m just living my life and being blessed. Yes I posted this since you wanna go on live and speak on me yet again talk & about these text I figured I’d let them see for themselves! #FatShamingANewMomShameOnYou#NonsupportiveEdglessbird#IsThisYourQueen? Ps: Dennis might make me Delete soon."

In the messages, Nene starts off with 'you lying a** big fat hungry b****' among other things. She goes on to bring up the times she was there for her cast mate and insults Porsha's new baby special.

The 51-year-old posted her own text screenshots of when she congratulated Williams on having her baby.

"SWIPE: @porsha4realThis is what i sent you after you gave birth! I sent you text messages last nite after i saw on social media what you had said. I could have responded back on social media but i decided to text rather than do that! I know you need viewers to tune into your 3 episode commercial, which is why you doing the most! Bye ankles #HBIC."

Porsha hit back with: "And that is why you are sick! You started with me last night and now you play victim! It’s too hard being friends with you. I’m done... so Enjoy being exposed... talk about that on your closet special sis."

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