Porsha Williams Explains How Every Castmate Plays A Part On RHOA

Porsha Williams Explains How Every Castmate Plays A Part On RHOA
Credit: Source: Bravo

Porsha Williams has been the fan-favorite of the Real Housewives of Atlanta since putting her feud with Kandi Burruss to rest seasons ago. She appeared to loud applause at Bravocon where she and some of the other ladies spilled on the new season of RHOA.

There is an ongoing debate on who the real queen of the peach state show is especially with the return of Kenya Moore and Nene Leakes' absence from the first two episodes of the season.

However, Porsha told the convention audience that each and every one of her castmates play an important part on the show.

'This is a group of very strong-minded women. Women who are very vocal, honey, and very opinionated so it will always be something happening with us and when one of us is missing or when one of us rejoins the group -- it's always gonna be a whole 'nother spark. So I think that each person in this group has played their part and I think that when Nene comes you're gonna see what storyline she brings in which is, again, a whole 'nother dynamic of the group.'


Kenya chimed in to tell the audience to fast-forward through Nene's part.

Nene recently opened up about how viewers will see how much she's changed since the last season. The Broadway star and her husband had to face Gregg's heartbreaking battle with Colon cancer.

She recently told Extra: 'Listen, I have learned patience in a whole new way… A lot of things that people say doesn’t really bother me… The girls are saying certain things or they didn’t like what I said… I’m gonna say whatever I want to say ’cause they say whatever they want to say.'

Do you think that something is missing from the show when Nene isn't on?


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