Porsha Williams Enjoys Some 'Mommy Nail Time' And Fans Are Here For Her New Look

Porsha Williams Enjoys Some 'Mommy Nail Time' And Fans Are Here For Her New Look
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Porsha Williams had some time for herself, during which she decided to have her nails done. She's also rocking a wig with blonde highlights something that most fans have been loving on her lately.

PJ's mom seems to be into blonde wigs lately, and while most of her fans love this look, some haters cannot remain quiet.

Such a person bashed Porsha saying that lately, her wigs are sitting like hats on her head and Porsha jumped in the comments section with a clap back .

Anyway, here's Porsha's latest post on her social media account.

'@gonakedhair goodness 🔥 #MommyNailTime Thank you for my nails @shameamorton 💋' Porsha captioned her post on IG.

Someone said: 'Have you ever notice, they wear a mask and don't wear nails...🤔🤔 Just a thought. BTW Motherhood looks beautiful on you!'

Another follower posted: '@porsha4real Yes Sis😍😍😍 You should gift this Single Mom of 5 with some of that gorgeous hair, so I can serve some of that Slayage😁'

Someone else wrote: 'I love you hair and the color is beautiful on you my favourite housewife of atl.'

A commenter said: 'Wish my daughter was as lucky as you. She had a baby 6 months ago and lucky if she can go take a shower, go the bathroom and dry her hair.'

One follower posted: 'I never make fan comment..but wow very pretty in spirit not just looks today.'

A fan wrote: 'Where do you get your nails done?? Need someone good and worth the money.'

Do you like Porsha's look?

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