Porsha Williams Encourages Protesters To Stay Peaceful No Matter What The Police Does To Them - 'They're Trying To Provoke Us!'

Porsha Williams Encourages Protesters To Stay Peaceful No Matter What The Police Does To Them - 'They're Trying To Provoke Us!'
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The Real Housewives of Atlanta star is not done protesting for justice for George Floyd and racial equality in America even though she was one of the many peaceful protesters tear-gassed by the police. It’s ironic that the authorities continue to be really violent even while the country is protesting against police brutality, but she thinks it's on purpose so that they can push their narrative!

With that being said, if people give up on their fight now, things will undoubtedly continue like they are and the lives of so many black Americans who have died at the hands of police officers will have been lost in vain.

So, Porsha Williams made sure to remind everyone that they really need to ‘stay focused on [their] mission. Keep going.’

This is what her message was when, while on Watch What Happens Live, host Andy Cohen asked if she had anything to tell the other protesters marching in all 50 states and realizing that things might be turning even more violent because of the riot police having zero concern for human lives and their constitutional rights to protest.

It makes sense that this situation would make many too intimidated to continue the good fight.

But even though Porsha herself was one of the people who got tear-gassed, she remains committed to getting justice for the victims of police brutality and hopes the same can be said about everyone else.

‘They’re trying to silence you once again. We have the National Guard, the APD here – the crowds can be peaceful, and they are trying to provoke the crowds, and make them all angry, and make them act out, so they can turn on the camera and say, ‘oh, look what happened. The peaceful protest's turned awry.'’

So the reality TV star insisted that people should stay peaceful no matter what violent acts are done to them as the days and weeks of protests go by.

‘Be militant like people before us. [Martin Luther King Jr.], and my grandfather,  Rev. Hosea Williams. They had dogs bite them. They were tased. They were gassed. They were killed in the streets by police batons. We haven't received that just yet, but it could possibly be going there.’

Her advice was to stay focused on the ‘mission’ of being heard and seen no matter what.

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