Porsha Williams Defends Her Sister's Mom From Being Called A 'Side Chick' After Opening Up About Her Father

Porsha Williams Defends Her Sister's Mom From Being Called A 'Side Chick' After Opening Up About Her Father
Credit: Source: Bravo

During last Sunday night's episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta , Porsha Williams opened up about being a child of divorce. Although she doesn't necessarily identify with having 'daddy issues,' she did reveal that her relationship with her father was very different from her sister's relationship with their father.

Hosea Williams II remarried and had Lauren Williams after splitting with Porsha's mom, Miss Diane. While Lauren lived in the house with Hosea, Porsha would only visit on weekends.

However, she did make it clear that her mom and Lauren's mom actually became friends and that the late Hosea didn't have an affair with Lauren's mom.

Unfortunately, some social media users took Porsha's candid moment and ran with it while leaving hate messages aimed toward Lauren and her mom.

The RHOA star had to let them know what the deal was as she issued a stern warning.

'Some people have been going on my sister’s page and I want y’all to get the f*ck off my sister’s page. Okay? Y’all are on my sister’s page with some bullsh*t. Don’t go to my sister’s page, don’t go to my momma’s page, definitely don’t bring your a** on my page. Don’t come on here talking about my family period. I don’t do that. And I think I have an idea who is behind these fake pages talking sh*t about my family, tryna make my mom feel bad. Saying that my mom was tryna make my stepmom look like a side chick. No way in the world. My mother and my stepmom have the most beautiful relationship. Most mature loving relationship. We spend holidays together. I’ve seen them have nothing but a respectful, genuine relationship.'

She went on to warn the trolls that regardless of their spiteful efforts -- they will remain a happy mixed family.

'Mind you, my stepmom married my dad a while after my mother and my father were divorced. So there’s no overlapping whatsoever, there’s no side chick. there’s no shade, there’s no none of that. So whoever this is that’s bringing this into this, don’t do it because the devil ain’t gon work with this one. We’re family and we’re gonna always be family.'

Her fans told her that she needs to simply ignore the trolls who are just trying to start trouble.


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