Porsha Williams Couldn't Be More Excited To Finally Be A Mom

Porsha Williams Couldn't Be More Excited To Finally Be A Mom
Credit: Source: bet.com

As you already know, Porsha Williams gave birth to her baby Pilar Jhena McKinley.

The proud mom shared a picture of her daughter being held by her father.

Now, a source close to Porsha spoke about how the new mom is feeling and spilled the tea to Hollywood Life.

'Porsha was feeling nervous and excited for her baby’s arrival. She felt this was a long time coming. She was nervous for the labor part, but she was so excited to meet that baby,' the insider said.

The same source added that 'Pregnancy changed Porsha so much. Friends felt she was a lot less dramatic and so much calmer. Porsha is so excited she officially became a mom. She is so in love with Dennis and happy. It’s amazing how much she’s grown up.'

Kandi Burruss also talked to Hollywood Life and shared her opinion about Porsha becoming a mom.

'As far as her changing as a person, I feel like she’s definitely not as much in the midst of drama or doing anything super crazy,' Kandi said.

She continued and explained 'She’s definitely been trying to make more friends than not have friends if that makes sense. I think now, she’s definitely been showing love to everybody, and not trying to fall back into a bad place with people.'

Porsha's fans have been waiting for her to give birth with massive excitement and especially lately, they kept asking her when PJ will come into the world.

Now, they can finally relax and admire Porsha and Dennis' beautiful baby girl. Porsha will probably flood her social media with baby pics.

Porsha was extremely excited during her whole pregnancy and now she could not be happier. Congratulations to the happy couple!


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