Porsha Williams Captivates Fans With Video Of Baby Pilar Getting A Mani-Pedi -- Their Spa Day Will Give You Feels

Porsha Williams Captivates Fans With Video Of Baby Pilar Getting A Mani-Pedi -- Their Spa Day Will Give You Feels
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Mama Porsha Williams is making sure that baby Pilar Jhena McKinley is treated like the princess that she is.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star took to social media and she posted an adorable video where is giving her daughter an adorable mani-pedi.

The fiancée of Dennis McKinley took her time as she clipped her baby's nails and gave her a soft and gentle massage.

Porsha called it a spa day and added: "Baby sometimes I just need some me time🧖🏾‍♀️ #SpaDayTheBabyWay #Mani/Pedi #PjsWorld."

One fan said: "This is so funny...Porsha is so serious like she's getting paid to do it 😍I love it! I use to give my son massages as a baby people thought I was crazy like my baby need to relax as well lol. Lord, bless your child as you said in your Word. Give her parents the strength, knowledge, and purpose to guide her life. Use her for your perfect glory. Protect her from the snares of evil. In the mighty name of Jesus, Amen."


A second commenter stated: "Them baby fingernails are like razor blades. That's the best time to buff em down a little while the baby is sleeping so they won't be fighting and pulling away. My baby's had me looking like I had a bunch of 😺 in my house with all the scratch marks on me. Have another when she’s 4 months old. My two girls are close in age and seem to be the bestest of friends."

This backer revealed: "My internet-niece has her mani/pedi game on point!!! All she needs is that massage chair vibrating.💕Yeah, baby's fingernails grow quickly & they're sharp,razor-like too. That's why having the baby mittens either attached to their clothing or buying a few pair is a great idea. Babies scratch their own faces & hands too. Have folks thinking somebody else harmed them🙄."


Another person claimed: "That's an awesome ideal! My chiropractor did the same with my baby girl. Of course, he didn't press down w/ his wt on her back. He did some stretching of her arms, legs & maybe torso. Helps babies from getting congested & it's a form of exercising 🙌..Helps babies sleep better too🙌."

Porsha seems to be top form after the recent personal drama involving her man.

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