Porsha Williams Calls Pilar Jhena Her Angel And Life Saver

Porsha Williams Calls Pilar Jhena Her Angel And Life Saver
Credit: BET

Porsha Williams posted new pics featuring PJ and she called her a lifesaver. Check out the sweet message and pics that she posted on her social media account below.

'I’ll do anything to see you smile my angel ❤️❤️ My LifeSaver 🙏🏾 @pilarjhena' Porsha wrote.

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Someone said: 'I’m positive PJ makes it heaven on earth for u, she’s so beautiful ❤️❤️' and one othe follower posted this: 'I love that Porsha is a mother a great Mother. I love Porsha, a beautiful strong Black Queen. I was just listening to your Grandfather’s voice recordings last night last night💪🏽powerful !!!! We see you creating your path for justice. Thank you Queen.'

A follower said: '@porsha4real who does her hair!? It’s always so cute' and someone else posted this: 'Love you Porsha nice pics❤️ hey pj'

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A follower said: ' babies come right on time don't they? Truly a blessing to me a mommy! ❤️' and one other commenter posted this: 'How are y’all advertising on someone’s post smdh thirsty much💁🏽‍♀️'

A fan wrote: 'She's so pretty and her little dress is too cute 😍😍 #happiness @porsha4real,' and someone else posted this: 'This was my face today too dear in the grocery store... "No sir, I don't know you nor do I recall seeing you here last week" ... She's adorable ❤'

In other news, Porsha Williams ‘ latest  RHOA  photos are giving her fans a reason to smile. Check out the post that she shared including pics of the RHOA ladies.

‘All new #Rhoa tonight !! 🔥 You don’t wanna miss this !! Queens acting up 🌹’ Porsha captioned her post.

Porsha also wished  Cynthia Bailey a happy birthday with a couple of photos featuring the two of them. Check out the post that she shared.


Porsha is definitely living her best life with her baby girl, PJ and fans love this.

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  • Nadine
    Nadine Feb 23, 2021 2:07 PM PST

    Porsha’s Mother & half-Sister Lauren need to do their best to help keep that child off a stripper pole when she’s older because her Daddy is PLAYA & her Mama is a HOEAUX!!! Seeing Porsha behave like a DOG IN HEAT on National TV was DISGUSTING!!! Who engages in a sex party with their coworkers & sleeps with the hired stripper!!! She has NO SELF-CONTROL!!!

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