Porsha Williams Calls Her Baby Girl, Pilar Jhena, Dennis McKinley's Clone

Porsha Williams Calls Her Baby Girl, Pilar Jhena, Dennis McKinley's Clone
Credit: BET

Porsha Williams shared the cutest photo of her baby Pilar Jehna McKinley sitting on her granny. She tells her fans that PJ is definitely Dennis McKinley's clone.

'Yo this I Dennis’s Clone sitting here in deep thought while using grandma @msdianeofficial as a recliner 😂 CAPTION THIS !!' Porsha captioned her post.

A follower gushed over PJ and said: 'This is just makes me so happy 😍' while someone else posted: '“I wonder if I should have the pureed peaches or banana nut cheerios for breakfast? Decisions decisions...”'

A fan said that the captioned should have been this: 'What am I going to make for dinner when I get home?'

Someone else wrote: 'Lil moma is in deep thought like do i want milk or cereal today or should i be bad today💖💖💖😂😂😂'

Another follower believes that the bets caption is this: 'Hmmm I wonder why my Grandma always let me do whatever I want, but my mommy says no sometimes?'

Someone else said: 'I cannot with her and her grown woman bonnet lord she is something with her pretty self Porsha she is going to a girlie girl looking Dennis lol.'

One commenter posted: '“Look at this. Somebody look at this. I know they don’t think I’m about to eat that.”'

In other news, just the other day, Porsha shared some pics in which fans could see that PJ was trying to stand on her own. People gushed over the gorgeous baby girl.


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