Porsha Williams' Bravo Special Is On April 28: 'We Are Having A Baby' - Here's The Sneak Peek

Porsha Williams' Bravo Special Is On April 28: 'We Are Having A Baby' - Here's The Sneak Peek
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Porsha Williams listened to her fans who have been begging her and Bravo TV for a Special about her pregnancy and giving birth to her baby girl. A while ago, Porsha revealed to her fans that they would get what they have been asking for.

Now, Porsha shared the first images from the Sneak Peek on her social media account and reminded fans when to check out her Special edition.

'🔥Chile they done slipped and gave me a special 🤪🥳 !!! April 28th on @bravotv We are having a baby!!! 😘😘👶🏽 #PorshasHavingABaby 🤰🏾🤱🏾#MeetTheMckinleys,' Porsha captioned her post.

Someone wrote 'YAAAAAASSSSS!!!!! My sis is doing the damn thang!!!!!!!! You need your own show babe! Can't wait to watch this special!😘'

Another person said 'Yay❗️honestly you’re personality really adds something to the show. You’re a 🌟 sis, but you already knew that. 😉♥️'

A follower gushed over Porsha and posted: 'It’s your season sis. God’s favor is shining so bright on you. Your happiness is contagious.💕'

Someone else told Porsha to be careful about her personal life and television's influence on it: 'I can’t wait to see this but please don’t allow reality television to ruin your marriage. I rebuke that in Jesus name. Let it go if you ever see it happening. I think that’s why my pastor said keep folks out of your business because messy miserable folks seek to destroy marriages.'

One commenter is celebrating that Porsha is getting along great with Shamea Morton: 'I’m so glad you and Shamea’s relationship is tight again. I love y’all as friends!!!'

A fan posted 'I want to say. Stay amazing and awesome girly. Never let anyone steal your shine and be a queen. Know people like me love you. Just keep being you.🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸'

Someone else is also anxious to see this Speical: 'Yaaaasss Porsha I'm here for it, and I can't wait to see you and Gary together outside of Dish Nation.'

Just the other day, Porsha posted a photo on her social media account which depicts the anxiety that new moms feel regarding the safety of their child.

This anxiety keeps them from having a good night’s sleep and more. Porsha asked her fans for advice to feel better.

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