Porsha Williams' BFF Shamea Morton Met Baby Pilar - Check Out The Sweet Picture

Porsha Williams' BFF Shamea Morton Met Baby Pilar - Check Out The Sweet Picture
Credit: Source: bet.com

Porsha Williams is the happiest mother, and she has been embracing this new life. She could not be happier, and all her loved ones feel the same and are super delighted to see her this happy.

Her BFF is one of these people, and she had the chance to finally meet baby PJ. Check out the sweet pic in which she's snuggling Porsha and Dennis McKinley's daughter.

'Snuggles with TiTi Mea @shameamorton ! Yesterday I met my bestie @princessshya can’t wait kiki with her again soon lol,' Porsha captioned the pic which by the way is posted on PJ's own Instagram account.

Someone commented 'Can't see much of her, but what I do see makes my heart melt. So happy for you Porsha and Dennis.'

Another follower said 'This child is only following Beyonce 🤣🤣🤣 , not even the momma. I love it.'

One fan really wants to see the baby's face: 'Girl if you don’t let us see our baby girl. We done waited three years already. I’m low key mad.'

Someone else asked 'Is that how Miss @shameamorton held her baby??? Girl hold @porsha4real baby good. That’s not how you hold a newborn.'

One other person posted 'So sweet makes me what anoth...... Hell what am I saying but congratulations to you guys. She appears to be adorable.'

A fan criticized the way Shamea is holding the baby: 'I am a baby nurse and it breaks my heart to see how she is holding your baby. The baby's head, neck, and back should always be supported. I love you Portia but please do not let anyone damage your baby's spinal cord.'

Someone else also gushed pover the baby girl and said 'Awwwww.... She’s sleeping so peacefully. @porsha4real I’m so happy for you all. ❤️ God knew what he was doing giving you your ANGEL here on earth.'

It was recently reported that the two lovebirds, Porsha and Dennis, will be getting married , and of course, the cameras will be rolling.


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