Porsha Williams’ Baby Girl Tries Food For The First Time In Cute Clip!

Porsha Williams’ Baby Girl Tries Food For The First Time In Cute Clip!
Credit: Source: essence.com

The proud mother took to social media to share a very exciting milestone with her many followers! Porsha Williams posted a few clips of her baby girl, Pilar Jhena trying out food for the first time ever!

They grow up so fast! The Real Housewives of Atlanta star’s 6 month old daughter took her very first bite of food and her mom made sure to document it and share it with the whole world!

‘🎉🎉Pilar’s first bite !! Here we go … omg my baby getting so big! She ate mango, carrots, coconut cream ! 😋 #Yummy #6Months @pilarjhena,’ Porsha wrote alongside the adorable footage.

The three clips that are included in the one post show little PJ in a chair looking up at her father, Dennis McKinley, who was holding a bowl of pureed food.

She was definitely staring intently at both her dad and the food so when the time came for her to take her first bite, she bravely did it!

The yellow onesie she was rocking matched with the puree so it’s safe to say she was ready to mask any stains as well, in case she spilled any of the baby food on herself.

After the new experience of eating solid food, the baby cuddled with her dad on the couch.

Fans, but also other celebs took to the comment section to gush over the baby and celebrate the milestone!

For instance, comedian and singer Jessie Woo said: ‘I’m weak at how she looked at her dad before that bite 😭😍.’

Actress and singer Shamea Morton wrote: ‘Ha! 😂This it’s too cute😍. Oh pj! You’re growing up sooo fast 😩.’


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