Porsha Williams And Other Celebrities Are Sharing Makeup Free Selfies As They Self Isolate With Out Their Glam Squads

Porsha Williams And Other Celebrities Are Sharing Makeup Free Selfies As They Self Isolate With Out Their Glam Squads
Credit: Source: Porsha Williams/Instagram

With the Coronavirus pandemic underway and more celebrities sheltering in place, there is an interesting trend happening. More celebrities are sharing makeup-free selfies as their glam teams are out of reach. Porsha Williams shared a makeup-free video and videos were enamored by how gorgeous she is without makeup. Other celebrities who are ditching the makeup and filters and getting real with their fans include Julia Roberts, Jessica Alba, Amanda Seyfried, and much more. Yesterday, Madonna shared photos of herself talking about the Coronavirus while taking a bath. She referred to the Coronavirus as the great equalizer that doesn't discern between rich, poor, or famous and she has a point.

While celebrities aren't experiencing the same level of uncertainty that those who live paycheck to paycheck experience they are going through Coronavirus and the uncertainty of what the future holds for themselves and their families just like everyone else. While Coronavirus is presenting many threats to the American way of life, the one, universal threat it brings is sickness, disease, and unfortunately death.

It seems that many celebrities simply don't feel like this is the time to put makeup on and "be glamorous" while many across the nation are fighting for their lives.

You may see several makeup-free videos Porsha Williams shared with her 5.3 million Instagram followers below.

In addition to just speaking out about Coronavirus, many celebrities are taking part in the I Stay Home For challenge. Ashley Graham recently shared why she stays home and other celebrities taking part in the challenge include Julia Roberts, and Amanda Seyfried. Both chose to post their photos makeup-free.

Julia Roberts said she is staying home for her family, her neighbors, health workers, and because it is the right thing to do. She challenged her niece Emma Roberts and friends Ali Wentworth and Jennifer Aniston.

You may see Julia Roberts' makeup-free selfie below.

You may see the makeup-free selfie that Jessica Alba shared with her 17.5 million Instagram followers below.

Amanda Seyfried went makeup-free as she discussed why she is staying home.

Are you self-isolating due to the Coronavirus?

What do you think about the new celebrity trend to go makeup-free in social media posts?


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