Porsha Williams And Her Friend, Premadonna87 Show Off Their Baby Bumps Together

Porsha Williams And Her Friend, Premadonna87 Show Off Their Baby Bumps Together
Credit: Source: bravotv.com

Porsha Williams should be giving birth soon and her fans are going crazy with excitement. They keep saying that she seems to be pregnant since forever and they cannot wait to meet baby PJ.

Porsha shared some pics in which she is flaunting her baby bump, together with artist Premadonna87 and her own pregnant belly.

'🎊Celebrating Baby JP!! @premadonna87 & Buck your shower was absolutely beautiful we can’t wait to see your lil princess and for her to have a play date with PJ👶🏽👶🏽✨💋' Porsha captioned her post.

Someone said '@porsha4real Absolutely beautiful 😍❤️ you are glowing!!😊 Congrats to you both mommies and daddy's to be!! God bless!!'

Another follower posted 'Congratulations Porsha, can't wait to meet your new addition, you should not wait to have your second child motherhood fits you well 😊💖💜💚💛.'

One other person said 'Wayment.. is it just me or are the mommies to be glow up matching and the poppas to be smiles are matching! Love it y’all!!'

A fan wrote 'They do all that waist snatching just to turn around and get pregnant. I am so confused🤔'

Someone who is definitely really anxious said that 'Yall need to go straight to the delivery room. Them babies r baked and ready!!! Lol.'

While her fans have been dying of excitement waiting for her to give birth, Porsha is unbothered and she’s sharing more pics on her social media account .

In some of them, she was wearing her fiance, Dennis McKinley’s whole outfit, not just a hoodie, but still looking like a snack.


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