Porsha Williams And Dennis McKinley Split Again According To Tasha K -- Here's Why

Porsha Williams And Dennis McKinley Split Again According To Tasha K -- Here's Why
Credit: Source: People

Porsha Williams started off this season of Real Housewives of Atlanta a single mom due to Dennis McKinley's infidelity that was exposed by Youtuber Tasha K. Now the same woman who broke the original story is claiming that the couple is over -- again.

Porsha took Dennis back after finding out that he cheated on her while she was pregnant. The two went to couple's therapy where they tried to solve the root of their problems which may stem from rushing into the relationship and having a baby.

After a few sessions and a promise to do better -- Dennis reproposed to which Porsha said yes to again.

A few months ago, Dennis was caught eating in a diner with unidentified women in the middle of the night. Porsha told Andy Cohen that they were still 'figuring things out' and didn't give a straight answer when she was asked if she trusts him.

Fast-forward to March, the parents were quarantining together and even went on to celebrate their baby's birthday.

However, Porsha suddenly stopped sharing photos and videos of her and Dennis together. She has also deleted any sign of him from her Instagram.

According to Tasha K, the two have broken up again.

The vlogger not only claimed that Dennis was continuing to be unfaithful, but she also said that McKinley is refusing to marry Porsha without a prenup.

The prenup issue was talked about on RHOA. The Hot Dog chain owner explained that he has learned his lesson about having a prenuptial agreement when he was thrown out of Porsha's house for cheating the first time.

Tasha went on to say that Williams is saving her breakup for a storyline this season which is why she made a post about Dennis's business after being tipped off that Tasha was going to report the news.

Do you think Porsha is done with Dennis permanently?


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