Porsha Williams Admits That She And Dennis McKinley Moved Too Fast -- Reveals How She Felt About Photos Of Him Dining With Other Women

Porsha Williams Admits That She And Dennis McKinley Moved Too Fast -- Reveals How She Felt About Photos Of Him Dining With Other Women
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Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley seemed like a fairytale ending come true. However, that illusion was quickly exposed once the Go Naked CEO found out that the love of her life was unfaithful to her while she was pregnant.

The couple eventually decided to go to therapy where they are working on rebuilding that trust.

However, what both viewers and Porsha's co-stars alike noticed was that the Hot Dog King and Queen took things way too fast.

Although Kandi Burruss tried to warn her, Porsha went full speed ahead and got pregnant with Dennis's baby and accepted his proposal for marriage.

Now, she is admitting that it was a huge mistake.

During the Real Housewives of Atlanta virtual reunion part two, Porsha explained: 'I think the majority of my relationship with Dennis, I have been unapologetic about moving too fast because I'm a hopeless romantic and I loved him.'

She went on to say how being a hopeless romantic backfired.

'We wanted the same things. But at the same time, in real time, you have to give a person a chance to let go of what they had going on for you all to really move forward in a real relationship. And so, I do wish we had taken a little bit more time.'

She also addressed a matter that surfaced months ago where McKinley was spotted late night at a diner with other women.


Williams claims she knew that he was going out, but not to a restaurant after his outing.

'I was upset. I did not feel the need to comment and try to take up for him in any way, so I didn't comment. But now we're in a different place. At the time, I knew that he was going to a birthday party at a club. What I didn't know is that he was going to go eat afterwards. And then seeing how it looked when people took the picture, and once again back in the press in a negative light, I didn't like it. Even if it is you going to eat with friends that I know about, still, it doesn't matter. You're out to eat at a certain time in the morning. And he agreed.'

The couple seems to have a hot and cold relationship. While some signs are pointing to a breakup , others are pointing to a pregnancy .


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  • Brenda Miller
    Brenda Miller May 18, 2020 12:21 AM PDT

    💕💕💕 @Porsha, just slow down and breathe deep, try really hard not to but heart b4 smarts...don't do things that when you're over 50 you'll regret or feel sad about. @NeNeLeeks....sometimes be nice& quiet, stop taking your inner turmoil out on others....periodt!

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