Porsha Williams Addresses The Modern Day Lynchings - Check Out Her Terrible Post

Porsha Williams Addresses The Modern Day Lynchings - Check Out Her Terrible Post
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Porsha Williams addressed some terrible subjects about crimes that took place recently, She triggered a massive debate in the comments as you will see below.

'WE WANT ANSWERS!!! Modern day lynchings! All happened this week! 😤🤯😰' Porsha captioned her post.

Someone said: 'Unfreaking believable! Sick! It's like I jumped in a time machine and we went back to the future! Lord help us!' and another commenter posted this: 'So hard to be black in this world 😢🙌.. But we remain determined to fix the madness for our children and generations to come. We won't give in.'

A follower said: 'This week?? We thought these were older stories. We definitely need answers! Thank you for sharing.'

A commenter noted this: 'It's really bad in South Africa gender-based violence is at peak..women are being killed by the same men that are supposed to protect us..I dont know how many women in total have gone missing this week alone..as a female you not safe in South Africa💔💔'

Someone else wrote: 'Within a week here in SA 3 women have been killed 😭😭😭 by their partners,' and one other follower said: 'Revenge is what we want! We don’t need a mf to lie to our face more than what they have.'

A commenter had this terrible thing to say: 'Man it's really bad in South Africa 3 women have been killed in just one week 😭💔 we're scared for our Mothers & Sisters every day!!'

Someone posted this message: ' poor American ppl... so sad watching this from the UK 🇬🇧 but it's not getting any easier here... SAD WORLD WE LIVE IN.'

An Instagrammer freaked out and said: 'I suspect the Klan is really out here hanging people. Lord I pray for my sons🙏🏽 I don’t want my kids going anywhere unless they’re with me. I’m so exhausted!!!'

In other news, Porsha is one of the lady celebrities that accepted the challenge that has you show off your pride to be a black woman.

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