Porsha Williams Addresses Recent Pregnancy Rumors With This Stunning Photo

Porsha Williams Addresses Recent Pregnancy Rumors With This Stunning Photo
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A few celebrities like Porsha Williams just cannot catch a break from being accused of being pregnant, and it looks like some fans can go quite far in their attempts to uncover the truth.

And while some can be more private in this regard and tend to distance themselves away from these discussions, letting the rumor mill run on its own, others prefer to take matters into their own hands and address the situation before it has gone out of control.

It looks like Porsha falls into the latter category, as she has recently decided that she has had enough of people talking about her being pregnant, and she has decided to step forward and address the situation herself.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star shared a stunning photo where she claimed that she was not pregnant, but was experiencing the effects of being five months postpartum.

This came in an official post on Dennis McKinley’s future wife own Instagram account, hopefully calming down some of her fans and putting an end to the rumors. Although that is probably wishful thinking.

Knowing some celebrity fans, her recent statements could be taken in the exact opposite way, with some people speculating that she is trying to cover up her pregnancy on purpose.

Regardless if this happens or not, hopefully, Williams will have the ability to distance herself from any additional rumors and will focus on continuing her life as usual.

The TV personality has made it clear that she knows how to set certain bounds between her private and professional life, and she will probably continue to maintain her distance from discussions like these after making her statement once.

One fan said: “Yes, honey!!!!!! I’m so sick of women asking me the same thing!!!!!”

This woman stated: “You should not have to explain, I’m 24yrs post, and your stomach is still flatter than mine. People are sick; this is extra flat stomach mess.”

Another social media user shared: “Or asking why you’re pregnant again...if a couple decides they want more children, it’s their business. God is the one that gives. I’ve been asked so many times why I want more children when I already have 4. That this is America and raising children is expensive, oh it is a lot of work, etc. People, especially some church folk, need to learn boundaries and when to back off. Everyone’s story is different, whether they aren’t pregnant yet or if they are pregnant again.”

Porsha likes to tell it how it is.

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