Porsha Williams Addresses International Women's Day

Porsha Williams Addresses International Women's Day
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Porsha Williams shared a message about International Women's Day. Check out what she had to say below.

'Happy International Women’s day! I gave birth to my lil life saver @pilarjhena almost 2 years ago March 22nd!! I still wake up in amazement that I was given such a miracle! I would fight through breastfeeding struggles , postpartum depression, hair loss and other hurdle to get to you !! You taught me that i’m beyond unbreakable and my faith in God and love for you can carry me through anything!! We women are powerful and we can do anything we set our mind to. Today i celebrate all of the women standing in their divine power ‘ 🔥🔥🙏🏾' Porsha captioned her post.

A follower said: 'The way moms talk about their love for their babies really makes me wanna have one ❤️😩 but I know y’all tryna trick me lmao.'

Someone else posted this: 'So cute and tiny. Blessings to you and your Porsha,' and a follower said: 'Can you please check out my fun educational game I developed for children #blackowned.'

A commenter posted this: '😍yes! We are strong. We are powerful. We are love. 💪🏽 💫 ❤️ Thank you for this gentle🥰 reminder. 🤗🤗'

A fan said: 'Same birthday! And she’s beautiful 😍' and one other follower said: '@porsha4real being a mom is hard but it is also one of the biggest blessings ever ❤️❤️ I wouldn’t change it for nothing.'

A commenter posted: 'We have the same bday❤️ great people are born on that day.'

Porsha Williams  shared an  RHOA  post on her social media account, showing fans how she has fun with her girls. Check out her post below.

‘Love shopping and hanging with my girls @drewsidora @shameamorton #rhoa 😂 #Nevaaaa #ItGirls #Nieces’ Porsha captioned her post.


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