Porsha Williams Addresses Another Terrible Murder

Porsha Williams Addresses Another Terrible Murder
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Porsha Williams is home and safe at the moment and she had something to say that devastated her fans once again. Check out the message that she shared about a terrible incident.

'This is Muhammad #justiceformuhammad #movementformuhammad • His full name was #MuhammadMuhaymin. ⁣He was murdered by @phoenixpolice for trying to use a public bathroom. They tortured him,' Porsha began her post.

She continued and said: 'Snapping his handcuffed arms over his head— tearing ligaments and causing extraordinary pain. They suffocated him. Sitting on his head and holding him down while he yelled I can’t breathe until his body grew limp and he died pressed into the concrete. This was three years ago. '

Porsha also posted this: 'No one even presented the case to a Grand Jury according to the family’s attorney. The family has irrefutable evidence that this was murder both from the video that sharply contradicts police reports and from some of the world’s leading legal and medical experts. ⁣@grassrootslaw is taking on this cause and this family. They will be providing action steps to help guide this community towards justice. They are going to need your help. It starts with just saying his name and following @grassrootslaw. There is footage on his hashtag #MuhammadMuhaymin ...I just chose not to post it. Just heartbreaking 💔We need these black attorneys to start working pro-bono. Stop waiting for Harvard law students to take on old cases.'

Someone said: 'Omg I never knew about this, that saddens my heart. The Bible’s says that in the end the first shall be last and last shall be first our time is coming.'

A commenter gushed over Porsha and told her: 'Girl I am proud of you. Continuing to do the work even during hard times. I’m sorry this happened to you and sista we will fight for you! And for everyone else!'

One other follower said: 'Rest in supreme peace may Allah be pleased with you Muhammad Muhaymin.'

Someone else wrote: 'Thanks for bringing this case to the light. There are so many cases the public is not aware of.'

Porsha Williams  was arrested following a protest for  Breonna Taylor .

It also seems that one of the charges was upgraded, and now  Porsha might be facing jail time. She made sure to address her fans and thank them for all their support.

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