Pop Smoke Canceled Brooklyn Concert With The Help Of The NYPD Shortly Before His Shooting Death

Pop Smoke Canceled Brooklyn Concert With The Help Of The NYPD Shortly Before His Shooting Death
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According to new reports, Pop Smoke, the 20-year-old recording artist who was murdered in a home invasion earlier this month, canceled a show in Brooklyn, New York, just a few days before he was shot dead in a rented home.

TMZ claims the artist was supposed to put on a show on the 16th of February at Kings Theater in New York, but the New York Police Department forced him to cancel it. On his Instagram account, Pop Smoke apologized to his fan base for the canceled performance, stating that the police forced the concert's closure.

TMZ claims that he was the once to actually phone the police for their assistance, but said on his social media account that it was their fault. The 20-year-old was killed on Wednesday when four masked men stormed the LA home he was staying in.

When his death was announced in the media, Billboard claims streams of his discography increased by nearly 400%. The police announced previously that his death could be related to the Crips and Bloods feud in the city of Los Angeles.

As it was previously reported, the Robbery-Homicide Division, Captain Jonathan Tippet, said to the LA Times last week that he wasn't "comfortable" referring to the shooting death of Pop Smoke as a "robbery."

Todd Malm reported on the 20th of February, 2020, that the men never stole anything from the home. In other words, it's probable that Pop Smoke's death was gang-related. Initially, reports stated that Pop Smoke was killed in a robbery gone wrong, however, it turns out that wasn't true.

Additionally, Pop Smoke's past social media posts perpetuated the rumor, because of one photo in which he was holding a huge wad of cash, and also wearing designer clothing and expensive jewelry. Fans believed he was targeted due to showing off his purported wealth.

Pop Smoke accrued attention in the hip-hop scene when he released his song, "Welcome To The Party," which Nicki Minaj later got in on.

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