Polled Citizens Of England Want Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Stripped Of Royal Titles

Polled Citizens Of England Want Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Stripped Of Royal Titles
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It looks like the British public isn't interested in seeing Meghan Markle and Prince Harry as royals anymore. Page Six revealed a new poll unveiled from Mail Online, which claims that approximately 54% of people want the aforementioned duo stripped of their official positions within the British nation.

Moreover, the poll claims the vast majority of people want Harry and Meghan to no longer receive any royal allowances from the family or the British tax-payers. Those who were polled also claim they should be required to pay back the $3.1 million for the renovations they had done on Frogmore Cottage.

With that said, the same negative opinions are not held for the 93-year-old Queen. According to the poll, 60% of British citizens believe Meghan and Harry treated Queen Elizabeth II very poorly, with another 54% arguing that Harry should also give up his position as well.

At the moment, Harry is sixth in line for the British throne, and the public wants him out of it. As it was previously reported, Meghan and Prince Harry sent shockwaves through the mainstream media when they revealed they were backing down from their positions in the royal family.

Meghan and Prince Harry stated they wanted to foster their financial independence and they also intend on spending half of their time in North America and the other half in England. The revelation was made to the world without informing the Kensington Palace first.

Followers of the royal family know that Meghan and the Prince have been at odds with the rest of the organization for months, although, some believed much of it was just media conjecture or over-exaggeration. The rumors, however, turned out to be true.

Furthermore, Harry's decision to back out of his senior position at the Palace reportedly intensified his ongoing bad blood with Prince William. Tom Bradby, who appeared on Good Morning Britain recently, stated that William and Harry were struggling to make things work.

During Harry's appearence in the documentary, Harry and Meghan: An African Journey, the Prince admitted that even though they might not always get along, they'll always be brothers.

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