Police Spotted At Wendy Williams House With Kevin Hunter -- Here's Why!

Police Spotted At Wendy Williams House With Kevin Hunter -- Here's Why!

Wendy Williams shocked Kevin Hunter when she filed for divorce and had the papers served to him wrapped as a gift. Shortly after, Kevin was ordered to get his things out of the New Jersey house that they share.

Yesterday, the police were spotted at the talk show host's mansion when Hunter showed up with a U-Haul. There wasn't a known dispute between Wendy and Kevin but it seems like the 54-year-old may have asked the police to come to supervise her estranged husband as he removed his items from her home.

To make matters worse, Kevin is also out of a job! He was finally let go as the executive producer for his wife's show and is said to be seeking millions for getting the ax.

The problem is, not only was Kevin executive producer of the program but he also owns half of the production company that co-produces the show.

Separating her and Kevin's assets will be no easy feat for Williams but she may have the upper hand if she can prove that Kevin used their money to commit adultery.

Meanwhile, it doesn't seem like Wendy is worried. She recently announced that she is leaving her sober home and is reconnecting with old friends like Charlamagne tha God who is taking her for dinner with DJ Boof.

Wendy told her studio audience: "Charlamagne wanted to take me out for dinner. He says the night and he says the time and I said, ‘I can’t go, I’m going out with Boof for dinner.’ So Charlamagne says, ‘Well, I know Boof, why don’t we both take you out?’ So I’ve got a double date!"

The 'Wendy Show' staff is also elated that they no longer have to deal with Kevin. A source claimed that the crew was celebrating his exit because 'Nobody likes him.'

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