Police Officers Involved In Strip Club Raid In Stormy Daniels' Arrest Face Off Against Disciplinary Charges

Police Officers Involved In Strip Club Raid In Stormy Daniels' Arrest Face Off Against Disciplinary Charges
Credit: Source: Independent.co.uk

According to a report from CNBC, five officers from Columbus, Ohio, have been hit with internal department charges for violating standard codes of conduct during the July 2018 strip club arrest of Stormy Daniels. The charges against the entertainer were dropped shortly after the prosecutor revealed there were no crimes committed.

At that time, Stormy was traveling around the country as part of her stripping act. The adult movie star's lawyer said the arrest was a "complete set up" and also described it as "politically motivated." As a result, Daniels, neé Stephanie Clifford, is suing the Columbus Police Department for the incident.

Furthermore, the Vice Unit responsible for the star's arrest is now under a federal investigation. The Columbus, Ohio, police officers, including two arresting officers, a lieutenant, sergeant, and a commander, are all at risk of being either demoted, charged, suspended or even fired for their actions.

The Chief of Police, Tom Quinlan, wrote in his statement that the incident was not a reflection of the overall "good work" done by the rest of the police department. In March of this year, an internal investigation launched by the authorities found there wasn't evidence to arrest the adult film star for anything.

Chase Mallory, an attorney representing Stormy Daniels said that it wasn't a surprise to see charges were laid; the surprise lies in the fact they "took so long." Mallory claimed it was self-evident that Stormy Daniels was taken into custody simply because of her highly prolific nature.

In September of this year, the Vice Unit was subject to an FBI investigation at the request of the former Columbus police chief. Consequently, the unit was shut-down approximately fourteen days after Andrew Mitchell, a detective in the unit, was arrested for allegedly kidnapping women and forcing them into sex.

Mitchell, however, wasn't involved in the entertainer's arrest. As it was previously reported, Stormy Daniels came to prominence for sleeping with the now-president, Donald Trump, just a few months after Melania Trump, now the First Lady, gave birth to their son, Barron.

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