Police In Canada Keep Kevin O'Leary Boat Crash Details Under Wraps

Police In Canada Keep Kevin O'Leary Boat Crash Details Under Wraps
Credit: Source: Macleans.ca

According to a report from Page Six, the Canadian police have continued to keep details regarding the boat crash involving Shark Tank 's Kevin O'Leary out of the spotlight. Reportedly, the authorities are refusing to say whether or not Kevin or his wife face charges.

Constable Joe Scali of the Ontario Police said to reporters from The Sun that the investigation is "ongoing" and details won't be revealed until it's appropriate to do so.

As it was previously reported, the boat carrying Kevin and his wife, Linda, crashed into another boat on the 24th of August on Lake Joseph, which is approximately 130 miles north of Canada's biggest city, Toronto.

Suzana Brito, 48, and Gary Poltash, 64, were killed in the crash. Previously, O'Leary claimed that the other boat, a 13-person vehicle, didn't have "navigation lights" and it also left the scene of the accident. However, the police had another side to the story.

Joe Scali, the police spokesperson, said to reporters that both boats left the scene of the accident and reached out to medical professionals for "emergency services." Linda O'Leary, Kevin's wife, was the operator of the vehicle at the time of the incident. She passed a DUI test.

Reportedly, the authorities are continuing to comb through all of the relevant statements to figure out what happened. Sources who spoke with the newspaper stated that a video showing the incident had been revealed to the authorities.

Scali refused to reveal as to whether or not video evidence existed, however, he did say that they had employed the services of "marine technical experts," to discover more information. The investigators now are determining where everyone involved had been sitting on the vessels, respectively, at the time of the crash.

Scali explained that "(if charges) are warranted, the only way to get there is getting everything completed." Kevin O'Leary is most famous for his role in Shark Tank and Dragons Den . Previously, O'Leary ran for the conservative party in Canada.

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