P!nk Slams Trump's Tulsa Rally For Its Reported Low Turn Out

P!nk Slams Trump's Tulsa Rally For Its Reported Low Turn Out
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Billboard picked up on a tweet from the singer-songwriter, P!nk, this weekend, in which she mocked the president's recent campaign rally in Tusla, Oklahoma, this past Saturday on the 20th of June. Trump held his first rally in months at the BOK Center in Tulsa, a place P!nk claims she has sold out in minutes.

In a tweet from the 40-year old pop-star, P!nk wrote that she sold out the same place in under five minutes, along with the hash-tag, "#donkeyshow." CNN said this week that Trump's campaign rally was much smaller than what Trump's team had hoped for.

You can check out her tweet below:

P!nk went on to joke that there were a lot of people "dressed as seats," so, perhaps they were working as caterers. Billboard Boxscore said the singer-songwriter last played at the arena back on the 5th of March, which she sold out. It holds approximately 19,000 people.

The Tulsa rally, his first in months since the COVID-19 pandemic took hold of the world, was relaunched ahead of the next election. Trump purportedly planned to have an overflowing crowd outside of the BOK Center, but he reportedly said that protestors outside of the venue were affecting the event.

This wouldn't be the first time the Tulsa campaign rally has been in the news. Ashley Mitchell reported earlier this year that Trump threatened potential protestors from the Black Lives Matter movement if they showed up to his event.

Trump warned that if they showed up to his Oklahoma rally, they wouldn't be treated with open arms. The president went on to refer to the protestors as "lowlifes." The president of the United States warned that if they chose to show up, it would be a "much different scene."

Ashley Mitchell reported that he was implying there would be violence, however, the president never said such a thing. He said, "you will not be treated like you've been in New York, Seattle, or Minneapolis." The president is referring to the way in which many police were told to stand down in affected cities that were looted and vandalized.

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