Playful Rihanna Drives Fans Crazy With New Music They Cannot Hear In This Video

Playful Rihanna Drives Fans Crazy With New Music They Cannot Hear In This Video

Bad girl Rihanna has fans smiling and crying at the same time. For several months now, supporters have been harassing Rihanna for new music.

The diva's last album, Anti , was released in 2016 and the supporters are eager to get new songs.

This weekend, Rihanna sent fans in a frenzy after she shared a video where she is dancing crazily in the studio to a hot new song.

However, Rihanna decided to play a cruel joke on her fans by turning off the sound on the video.

Fans are jokingly calling out the founder of Fenty Beauty for being petty and disgraceful because she is not letting them hear her new club banger.

One fan said: "Soooo you are going to play the navy gang like that, I'm over here turning up the sound like my phone is broken or something. I still love you though!!! Chile, Rihanna is teaching me what patience is. She’s so damn disrespectful with the muted sound ?."

Another commenter stated: "PETTY!!! She’s so petty I love it. Got me over here thinking my phone playing games!!! Almost broke my damn phone trying to turn up the volume! ??? RiRi stop playing with my inner soul! I needed this music. Learning The Lyrics Now, By Reading Her Lips. Lol."

This third person claimed: "I’m sitting here trying to turn up my phone like wth is going on. And she not right doing that ??? I thought my phone was jacked. She is so Cruel. Hopefully, it’s soon! She needs to come to save the Music Industry!"

Rihanna is busy with her makeup, lingerie brands, and making movies, but she will never quit music.

A source explained: “Rihanna would really love to push herself though and do something really dark and edgy, something really out of her comfort zone and totally unexpected—and, knowing Rihanna, if she wants it, she’ll make it happen. Whatever Rihanna sets her mind to she excels at, she’s already faced the music world, and she has a ton of Grammys to show for it, so don’t be surprised if she sets her sights on an Oscar in the future.”

She has a dancehall/reggae album dropping soon.

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