Playboi Carti Worships Iggy Azalea's Body So Much That He Has A Plan For A "Celebration"

Playboi Carti Worships Iggy Azalea's Body So Much That He Has A Plan For A "Celebration"

Iggy Azalea is currently dating Playboi Carti, and their romance is heating up because Carti is apparently all about her body. The 28-year-old, Iggy, is known for her body confidence, as well as her rapping career - which admittedly has fallen off somewhat in recent years - however, Carti is a big fan of what she looks like.

A friend of the 22-year-old rapper said, "Carti loves Iggy and treats her like she is the best thing in the world. He always tells her that she's the sexiest woman on the planet."

"Carti is obsessed with her body and wants to create a music video practically dedicated to her physical appearence. Carti wants to 'celebrate her.'"

In fact, Carti and Iggy are getting along so well that he invited her to join him on his tour. Interestingly, it's probably one of Iggy's last options, because her career hasn't been doing great ever since her relationship with Nick Young crumbled.

Azalea has garnered somewhat of a negative reputation for herself due to her tweets and feuds with other rappers like Azealia Banks. However, to be fair, both Banks and Azalea have been accused of being guilty of foot-in-mouth disease.

As most know, Carti also dated Blac Chyna, who was in a relationship with Rob Kardashian for several years. Putting that aside, Iggy and Carti were spotted together in September where they had dinner at Mastro's Steakhouse in Beverly Hills, California.

In photographs captured by the paparazzi, Playboi hands Iggy a pink flower as the pair drives off in a car. Rumors swirled previously that Iggy was dating Tyga as well, following their joint appearence at the Coachella concert festival over the summer months.

Furthermore, Tyga and Iggy Azalea dropped a single together called, "Cream," in which they both rapped overly sexualized lines. Later, on Twitter, Iggy addressed the rumors, saying that she and Tyga weren't dating.

She described herself as "extremely single." As it was noted earlier, Iggy was engaged to the basketball player, Nick Young, but called it off after three years in 2016. Iggy said it was one of the most heartbreaking moments of her life -  finding out that her fiancé got another woman pregnant.

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